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Delallo carbonara sauce

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    Featuring fresh cream, savory pancetta and a special blend of Pecorino Romano and grana cheeses, DeLallo Imported Italian Carbonara is made to indulge your weeknight pasta. Made from all-natural ingredients, this super creamy Italian pasta sauce is as close to Nonna's as you can get in a jar. Keep it simple as a traditional pasta sauce or get creative. Try it as a feature in white lasagnas, pizzas, stromboli, baked casseroles or as a drizzle on roasted meats and veggies. We recommend these complementary additions to your classic pasta dishes: grilled chicken or shrimp, bacon, red peppers, mushrooms, sun-dried tomatoes, zucchini and spinach. The flavor possibilities are endless! Preservative and additive free. Made with milk free of hormones and antibiotics.